3 Awesome Tips for Planning Great Workouts

1. change reps every 14 days

Changing your reps helps keep you from getting bored, gets your muscles guessing and helps prevent plateaus. We don’t just mean “add more reps every 2 weeks” either. Switch up the exercise by lowering your reps and up your weight to bust through a stand still. It’s easy to try & it helps tremendously.

2. balance the body

Never skip leg day! This is great, but if only half of a workout is the front half, the back half is going to become weak, which can cause injury. Balancing the body in a workout creates an even spread of gains and strengths. Full body day is a great way to make sure of hitting most muscle groups in a workout to prevent any unbalanced areas.

3. do the hard workouts first

The basic idea is when you have the most energy, to the hardest exercises. Let the exercises that hit the most muscles simultaneously be first in a workout.

  • deadlifts & cleans
  • snatches and jerks
  • heavy squats

After, target muscle groups of 2 or less to blast smaller groups.

  • bench & overhead presses
  • rows
  • pull-ups

Using these techniques with clients would enable any trainer build a workout that works out.




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