4 Quick Tips to Passively Market a Personal Trainer Business

There is a lot of content on “how to market a personal training business”, “do’s and don’t for the already established businesses” – so we are going to focus on the startups here, a personal trainer who knows his stuff, but is just getting into the business. Here are a few simple, effective tips to passively  grow yourself as both an online and in person fitness professional.

WARNING: before starting these please do make sure that if you’re employed full time to check for a non-compete clause in your contract. This can be a real downer when you’ve become a successful personal trainer business.

Alright, Let’s get started.

T-Shirts can sell your services

This works so well and gives you something awesome to wear! Get a few shirts printed up (we’ve used CustomInk and love it), make sure to add your business name and “personal trainer” on them. Wear them when going out, tons of questions and several leads can come from potential clients. People will approach you in the grocery store, at parks while you’re working out, etc. Follow up with your friendly personality and how you can be a great trainer for what they need.

Post videos of your workouts to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

This is GENIUS! Chances are you’re already working out, building muscle or just maintaining. Regardless you’re working out, record that video & post it on social media or your personal website. Give these out for free as a kind of  “try for before you buy” option, any potential client can see your personality, skill level, tips and helpful attitude through those workout videos (and honestly it’s a little fun to make these too).


Post simple “daily fitness tips” to Facebook

Same idea, less work that making an entire video though. Great way to spread the word of your services without “being in someones face” about it. The idea is that if you’re giving away good tips, they get shared, used or (best of all) recommended to someone. Easy enough to do, start a Facebook page (bonus points for a website too) then use your knowledge to give help to those who would benefit from your style of personal training.

Write a blog once a week

Every. Single. Week. Have a website ($15/yr) or a WordPress site (for free) and post a blog post every week on a subject that could land you some clients in your area. A “Pro Tip” would be to use your videos and tips as blog post ideas and vice versa. Potential clients will come to your site when searching for a topic you’ve written about and maybe contact you to meet up in person. This is also called content marketing, but can be done at your leisure.


That’s all the tips for now, if you have any comments or questions – let us know in the comments section below.

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