3 ways to price online training

Rates for online personal training can be very different than the traditional in person sessions everyone knows and loves. So here are a few ways we’ve seen it done ranked by experience, skills and the dough they a personal trainer can demand.

Getting Started | $100/client/mo

This rate is a bit low in all honesty, but it’s a great place to get started. Don’t sacrifice quality because of this, use the lower rate if to get acclimated to what being an awesome online trainer really means. Assign workouts, make meal plans and check in to ensure progress. Just like an in person session, but you don’t have to leave your desk. Not to mention that even with a smaller amount of clients, you spend maybe 2 hours per client and there’s a good amount of monthly revenue coming in. e.g. 10 clients can be an extra $1k every month while you learn what works for your business.

Grouping Rates | $150 – $200/client/mo

My personal favorite is grouping rates. It assumes you’re using a system that automates your training, but still lets training be customized. Here’s how it works, lets say there are 50 clients you’re training (by the way, awesome job if you’re training 50 clients) most of your clients can be grouped into maybe 4 goals to lose weight, gain muscle, abs focused, maintenance, etc. This means you can design plans for 4 goals, spend a lot of time to make awesome meal plans and workouts, then assign it & tweak those plans per client afterward, which is a lot faster than doing 50 meal/workouts plans. After that you’re just keeping up with support, messages, and getting more clients.

Personalized | $250 – $400/client/mo

Little more rare that you see this type of online training, but when you do it’s for trainers who handle small groups, but provide premium services. Usually retired personal trainers or trainers who want to keep clients moving away will use this as an option. The support time is similar to what you would expect with an in person trainer, so messages, tips, ensuring correct form, changes in plan; All the things to eat up a time, but that’s why the price can be set much higher above the rest. It’s a 1 on 1, just executed online.

Tips to boost signups

If you’re gearing up for that next level of online training and want to boost your signups, we recommend offering a free trial to perspective clients. This is a great way for the client to try before you buy and anyone using online personal training software (yes, even the Fit Ferret platform) will be able to make a few template workouts and meal plan you can use for those trial clients.



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