3 tips to create fitness clients

Having happy clients is awesome. It means you’re doing a great job & are appreciated for your help. So here’s a few tips on how to keep clients engaged.

1. Initial Consultations

This is more for trainers. Your time is important & limited; So take time doing an initial consultation for your client. Use this to get to know a client in person and see if they are right for the training you can give. In addition to building a bond, this also transitions nicely in to tip #2.

2. Bring a form & collect some details

Whether it’s an awesome online form like Fit Ferret (which totally integrates into a client management system) or something your made in the printer (binders are cool too); Take a form to the meeting to get the details. Bonus points if it’s online & you can get their email address for easier follow ups though.

3. Be down to Follow up

Remember that email address, phone number, or whatever you got from your fancy form? Yep, use it! Give them a text or an email to reintroduce the topic & follow up with a phone call if they haven’t responded. Lots of clients can be found just following up on a few details.


Okay, you’ve got the tools. Go out and make some clients happy!



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